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Security Tips and Procedures

Security Tips and Procedures

Our business is built around the safety of your employees and the security of your cash. In addition to storing your cash securely and using a professional cash collection service, the following tips can help your business remain safe and secure.

How to keep your premises safe:
Lock Up

Keep all keys in a secure location and keep doors & safes locked when not in use. Aim to lock main doors and security doors when we’re collecting or delivering cash. Never put more than your insured amount in our Cash containers or in the hands of our crew members.

Suspicious Characters

Check for bystanders when we’re collecting or delivering. Do you know them? Are they acting suspiciously? If they are, write down their details (rough age, build, height). As well as calling the police, please alert our customer service centre of your concerns

Security Equipment

Make sure your CCTV works well, with clearly visible signs declaring its use. Keep windows and vision panels clean; keep doors and locks in good condition. Check outside lights regularly. Always switch them on when it’s dark.

Be Alert

Criminals target premises where security seems lax. Be vigilant to help deter attacks. If you notice anything suspicious, call 999 or your local police station and alert G4S. By following these simple security tips you can help reduce the threat of attack.

Still not sure?

Dont take any chances. Refuse to start the service. Call us to verify crew member identities on our
customer service number 0844 800 4205.

If you’re still not convinced call the police.