What sets us apart | G4S Cash Collections

What sets us apart? Where do we start?

1We're trusted by big and small

Trusted service | G4S Cash Collections

From family florists to national coffee chains, we collect cash for over 5,000 businesses of every size in the UK, undertaking a service every second. That makes us the biggest cash collection organisation in the country.

2We've been around a long time

Securicor | G4S Cash Collections

Since our humble beginnings as night watchmen, through the merger of Group 4 and Securicor and up to the present day as G4S, we’ve been helping UK businesses for over 90 years.

3Valued by the banks

3Valued by the banks

Banks | G4S Cash Collections

Our branches handle 95% of cash that goes through UK bank branches, and a third of the UK's total cash spend.

4We reach more customers

G4S depots | G4S Cash Collections

More than anyone else in the UK, in fact. We perform 40,000 services per day. And with 32 depots we're always close by.

5Come rain or shine, we provide the best service we can

G4S Collect in any weather | G4S Cash Collections

You don’t last in this business if you’re not reliable.

6We move £300 billion a year

300 billion a year | G4S Cash Collections

That’s more than anyone else. And when we pick up your cash, we work to achieve crediting to your account within required timescales.

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