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Secure logistic Cash/Valuables in transit (CVIT) solutions for your high value commodities.

Our unrivaled expertise and experience in transporting cash means we don't just transport your cash,
we also transport your high value commodities.

As the leading cash solutions company in the UK, with over 20 years of expertise and experience in secure logistics, we understand the importance of ensuring your valuable goods get from one location to another safely and efficiently.

From diamonds and jewellery to fine art and bullion, we service a diverse range of organizations and businesses across the UK, transporting various items nationally, and with our sister company, G4SI internationally.

Here are some of the items Special Services can transport:

  • Passports and passport chips.
  • Secure documents, confidential paperwork and data.
  • Trophies, medals, and valuable coins.
  • Medical prescriptions.
  • Seized goods for secure destruction.
  • Vouchers and credit cards.

Speak to our Special Services team in confidence to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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In addition to the transportation of your high value items, we can also provide secure long or short term storage solutions in a range of locations across the UK.

Our innovative and cost efficient solutions can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, providing you with peace of mind in a bespoke solution that is secure, efficient, tracked and insured.

Our professional Special Services team are on hand to consult and advise on your specific requirements, for transporting your goods in the UK.

Need international secure logistics? Visit our international secure logistics site (G4SI).

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Key Features



Our services cover printed items, vaults, and precious metals. Our clients include financial institutions, governments, pharmaceuticals manufacturers and corporations with valuable goods.

Fine Art

Fine Art

Fine Art can come with priceless significance and exceptional importance. With our specialist armoured vehicles dedicated for the transit of Fine Art, we have solutions for the packing, handling, storage and vaulting of your works of art.

 Diamonds & Jewellery

Diamonds & Jewellery

We understand the risks and complexities in transporting high value products such as diamonds and jewellery. With our bespoke range of solutions, and professional staff, we have the highest standard of services to meet your specific needs.