1. Registration

What information will I need to register?

Registering for Cash45 is really simple. All you require is an email address, a mobile phone number and your company registration number.

You must have a business bank account in order to be able to use any of our cash collection services.

Please call our Cash Solution consultants on 0845 644 1239 to get started.

Is this service available for all banks and building societies?

We offer cash collection and delivery services for most major UK banks and are working to expand our offering.

Cash45 Customers
Please speak to one of our Cash Solution consultants on 0845 644 1239 to confirm if your postcode and bank can be serviced.

Cash75/Cash200 Customers
We offer a national service for most major UK banks. Please speak to one of our Cash Solution consultants to find out the best way to get cash into your account.

Can I register without a company number?

In order to complete the registration process you will require a company number. If you don't have a company number, we will need to check your details manually in order to register you as a customer which may take a little longer.

If you're having trouble finding your company number, it should appear on your official company documentation or search via the UK Government Companies House website.

How long will the set up process take?

Cash45 Customers
Creating your account couldn't be simpler and usually takes less than ten minutes. Once you have provided your collection details, your bank must provide approval before you can place your first order, which can take up to ten working days.

Cash75/Cash200 Customers
Set up times vary depending on the complexity of your requirements. Our cash solution consultants are able to provide an estimate of timescales based on your specific needs.

Can I register for Cash45 if I am an existing customer?

Yes, taking into account any restrictions detailed in your existing terms and conditions. Please contact your existing account manager who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

2. Ordering

How far in advance can I order?

All of our cash collection services offer the ability to order a one off service for maximum flexibility or set up a recurring service for maximum convenience.

Cash45 Customers
You can book services up to 12 weeks in advance when you select to pay at the point of order. If you pay by Direct Debit, you may set up a continuous service.

Cash75/Cash200 Customers
We can offer services tailored to your specific requirements.

What’s the latest time I can order a service

Assuming there is availability in your area, you can place an order up to 12:00pm the working day (Mon-Fri) before the service. However, ordering further ahead will help ensure there is still availability during your required time window.

You can place an order up to 12:00pm the working day (Mon-Fri) before the service for any ad hoc orders. Our customer service team will confirm acceptance of the service upon receipt of your instruction.

Can I cancel booked services?

You can cancel a service up until the point we reach your premises. However, a cancellation charge may apply depending on the notice period provided as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Please view your contract for details of any restrictions or charges.

Can I have more than one collection per day?

It is possible to book one collection per time window slot.

3. Availability

Why is there no availability in my area?

Cash45 is only available in specific postcode areas. A limited number of collections are offered per time window slot. If there is no availability please contact our account management team to discuss alternative service options. 

I want a cash collection on a specific day?

Cash45 is currently only available for limited postcodes. We are looking to expand this all the time. G4S offer collection services 7 days a week to most UK postcodes. If Cash45 is not available, please contact our account management team to discuss alternative service options.

Can I have a service on weekend or bank holiday?

Cash45 is available Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you require services on a weekend or bank holiday, please contact our account management team to discuss alternative service options.

4. Payment

Are my card details secure?

Before entering your card details on payment page, there are a few things you can look for to ensure the page is secure. All Sage Pay payment pages are regularly audited by an independent auditor to make sure they comply with the latest security standards.

Is there a padlock?

A padlock image shows that your details are being collected securely using 128 bit SSL technology. Clicking on the padlock will show you the SSL certificate. Depending on what Internet web browser you're using, the padlock can be located in one of 3 different areas.

  • Bottom right hand corner
  • Next to the address bar
  • Top right hand corner
What else can you look for?

If you can't see the padlock on the payment page, make sure the URL starts with 'https' instead of 'http'. The extra 's' shows you the page is secure.

Do you store my payment card details?

No, we don't handle, store or have access to your payment card details. Our online card payments are handled by Sagepay, our trusted payment service provider.

Sagepay are compliant with PCI DSS level 1 and all payments are collected securely using 128 bit SSL technology. You can find out further information at sagepay.co.uk.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via most credit and debit cards or through direct debit

When will payment be taken from my account?

Payment for credit and debit card orders will be taken at the point of the order being placed. Direct debit charges will be deducted on or around a specified day on a monthly basis. 

5. Collection service

What will you collect?

We will collect cash up to the value of £4500 (including 1 bag of coin up to a maximum value of £500), and a bag of listed cheques with no value limit. Click here to see how you should prepare your money prior to your service.

What are your service days / times?

Cash45 is available Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays). Time window slots are available for either 9am till 1pm or 1pm to 5pm.

What happens if my collection is missed?

We offer market leading service levels of over 99%, but occasionally we are prevented from reaching you on schedule.

Cash45 customers
As a smaller depositor, we recognise that in the rare event that we fail to complete your service, you may choose to deposit your cash at your local bank. Therefore, we will refund any charges within two working days (if you have paid at point of order). We will also automatically issue a discount off your next order so that you can order a recovery service if required.

Cash75/Cash200 customers
As a larger depositor, we recognise that your choices are more limited. Therefore, if there is absolutely no way we can reach you on the day of service, we commit to recover all missed services the following working day.

If your crew turns up and I am not ready, what happens?

You should make sure you are prepared for your cash collection in advance of your collection slot. If your cash is not ready or your premises are not open when we arrive we will not be able to complete the service.

You will be charged for this service and will need to rebook another collection slot.

What happens if my money is attacked?

Having your cash collected gives you piece of mind. From the moment we take control of your money it is fully guaranteed. In the unfortunate and rare occassion that we are attacked and your money is lost we will reimburse the value.

6. Customer service

How quickly can I expect a response to my email query?

We will endeavour to respond to your email queries within 48 hours

What are your customer services opening hours?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30.

7. General

What internet browsers does G4Scashcollections.com support?

For the best site experience, we recommend using one of the supported browsers and versions listed below. Using older browser versions may prevent you from accessing G4Scashcollections.com. Also, some site features won't function as expected if you use an older version. Instead, always use the latest version of your browser since old browsers are more vulnerable to security threats like viruses and malware. Using the latest browsers provide you with better encryption and privacy support by default.

  • Internet Explorer: 10.x, 11.x (Windows).
  • Firefox: 34.x (Windows, Mac OS X).
  • Safari: 6.1.x, 7.x (Mac OS X).
  • Chrome: 39.x (Windows, Mac OS X).
  • Safari Mobile: 7.x
  • Android (default browser) 2.3.x
Is your website available in other languages?

The Cash45 website is currently only available in English.

Can I let you know my thoughts?

Absolutely! We are constantly striving to make our services as good as possible. Please let us know about your experiences at cashcollection@uk.g4s.com

How can I join G4S?

You can view all open vacancies on our Careers Centre